Are you 10th / 12th Pass and want to go Abroad?

Whether you are a General Worker, Skilled Worker or a Healthcare Sector Worker, let us at Novalife guide you the path abroad.

If you are Intrested, Germany has the largest economy in Europe, so there are plenty of jobs in Germany for Indians.


We have numerous vacancies in Lithuania such as Machine Operators, Truck Drivers, Welders and Tailors etc.


Choosing a carrer path is one of the toughest decisions in our lives. We at Novalife provide you various jobs option in Canada.


Make positive plans for your future in Australia. You can apply directly from India and you might be able to get a job as well.


We help you get an International Job and provide wings to your dreams.
  • Work Permit

  • Work in Germany as


    Working as a Nurse is a very respectful profession in the medical system. Germany has a very high demand for Nurse so they are now doing more focus on the International nurse who can come to Germany working as a Nurse in Germany. So, from India and all over the world, Nurses are going to Germany to build up their career.

  • Work in Germany as

    IT Engineers

    For engineers in Germany, there are opportunities to climb to the very top of the career ladder - all the way to the very highest level of management. In German industry, many board members and managing directors of manufacturing companies started their working life as engineers.

  • Work in Germany as

    Chef / Cook

    A Chef / Cook is usually responsible for preparing one type of food within a kitchen and usually works under the direction of managing chefs to prepare, season, and cook menu items. Chefs / Cooks are in high demand nowadays.

  • Training Visa

  • Get Paid Training In Germany as


    Mechatronics engineers for air-conditioning and refrigeration work in companies that build and fix air-conditioning/refrigeration systems in supermarkets, offices, hospitals or other buildings.

  • Get Paid Training In Germany as

    Industrial Electronics Engineer

    Industrial electronics engineers fit and repair electrical devices, machinery and plant equipment that are used for industrial purposes. They carry out repairs in offices and factory workshops and show operators how their equipment works.

  • Get Paid Training In Germany as

    Geriatric Nurse

    As a geriatric nurse you will care for and support elderly people who need help with their daily routines and in everyday life. In addition, you will ensure basic medical care.


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