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Low skilled workers are defined as per their level of education as well as work. However, not many people with a high level of education are doing low skilled or relatively skilled jobs, for instance, driving a taxi, packing, welding, tailoring or driving a truck. These skills are not recognized necessarily by formal education. These skills can be obtained by learning while working and the on-field experience is very important in acquiring the skills that make the people capable of performing a relatively high skill level job without educational qualification.

Statistical data shows that there is an increasing demand for low skilled labours in Europe. As a result, one of the European employment strategies is to develop a low skilled workforce in near future. The demographic change and ageing of the population create a shortage of low skilled workers resulting into the opening doors for potential workers from other countries.

Europe is investing in skills to produce innovative and high quality products. This promotes foreign workers to move to Europe and work. Low skilled labours are in demand and they get treated like the nationals of the country where they work and reside. Their benefits include vocational training; work with recognition, social security, tax benefits and access to goods.

Low skilled or semi-skilled jobs like packers, welders, tailors, truck drivers have huge opportunities in Europe. Do you have experience? Novalife can assist you throughout the process and guide you to get a low skilled job in Europe.

It is not a time-consuming and troublesome process to work in Europe, especially as a low skilled worker. Novalife’s programs and guidelines make it easier for those who want to move to Europe. Our channel partners in Europe act as bridges. With a right program at the right place bring you closer to your wish to work in Europe with your skills and experience. Documents such as a complete application form, valid passport, degree certificates, experience letter and proof of language competency depending on which country you wish to move to are required to complete the process.

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