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Recruitment service of Novalife involves and completes in below 8 steps which are also in a way the standard procedures set by the Government of India.

Step 1:

Receive enquiry from the employer about the specific work requirements.

Step 2:

Provide CV's and qualification details of the potential applicants to the employer.

Step 3:  

Lining up applicants for interview by the delegates of company (face-to-face interview, Skype™, or telephonic interview) and getting offer letters of selected applicants.

Step 4: 

Sending the complete documents of applicants i.e.; Medical Fitness Certificates, Police Clearance Certificate, Signed Job Offer Letter & Passport Copies to the Employement Company for processing visa.

Step 5: 

Receive the visas from the Employer.

Step 6: 

Notify the employement company and receive the air ticket.

Step 7: 

Mobilized the candidates.

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